'Maharishi' Mahesh Yogi, founder of Transcendental Meditation
Mahesh Prasad Varma,
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Transcendental Meditation: Behind the TM Facade

This is a site which is critical of Transcendental Meditation ® or "TM", its founder Mahesh Varma, who is also known by the unearned
[1] title of "Maharishi Mahesh Yogi", and his associated organizations.

Due to the reported harmful effects suffered by some people who have practiced TM, the TM-Sidhi Program, and related TM practices, this site is provided as a Public Warning Service. The TM Organization has historically refused to address adverse effects arising from the practices they promote. In spite of evidence to the contrary, they still assert that their practices do not have adverse effects.

Negative consequences resulting from Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi practices are described by Mahesh's TM Organization as "unstressing" or "stress release" and are therefore considered by them to be "beneficial results."

Scientific research on Transcendental Meditation demonstrates negative effects from TM practice ranging from headaches and muscle twitches to anxiety, depression, depersonalization and mental breakdown. The information contained in these pages is provided so that you may make an informed decision regarding Transcendental Meditation ®.

The scientific research and statistics that are reported here also directly contradict the TM Organization-sponsored research and statistics, with regard to a number of their claims of "unique" and "proven" benefits, such as paranormal effects.

You be the judge.

[1] Within the Hindu tradition from which it derives, the title "Maharishi" means a "great seer of truth." It is a significant and revered title in Hinduism, and is not self-bestowed, nor awarded by students to their teacher, as Mahesh Varma has done. The title of "Yogi" implies specific experience and knowledge of yoga disciplines, and is also undeserved based on his actual background.
For more information on his reputation in India, see
"A Visit to the Shankaracharya".

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